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Monday, March 1, 2021

general Knowledge mcqs | question and answer | mcqs 2021

 General Knowledge mcqs

1.       Earth Rotates On its axis At an Inclination of?

(a)   21.5

(b)   23.5

(c)    90

(d)    180

Ans: b

2.       Doma Is The Parliament of Which Country?

(a)   Russia

(b) Germany

(c) Finland

(d)  Iceland

ANS:   a

3.        Wich country Parliament Has The Largest Member ship?

(a)   USA

(b)    France

(c)     Russia

(d)     China

ANs:  d

5.       Kafir Fort is located in Which Province of Pakistan:

(a)   Punjab

(b)    Khyber Pakhtukhu

(c)    Sindh

(d)    Baluchistan

ANs:  b

6.       When National Anthem Of Pakistan Improved In?

(a)    Aug 1950

(b)    Aug 1952

(c)     Aug 1954

(d)     Aug 1947

ANs:   c

7.       Ariana Is Airline Of Which Country?

(a)   Japan

(b)    China

(c)   Pakistan

(d)   Afghanistan

ANs:   d

8.       Who Was the First Viceroy Of India?

(a)   Lord Curzon

(b)  Lord canning

(c)  Lord Wavel

(d)   Lord Mountbatten

ANs:    b

9.       Under Indus Water Treaty, The River Given To India?

(a)   Jehlam, Chenab, Indus

(b)  Ravi, Beas Sutlej

(c)  Jehlam, Beas Sutlej

(d)  None

ANs:  b

10.   Badshahi Mosque Was Builts In ?

(a)   1670

(b)  1673

(c)  1770

(d)  1773

ANs:    b






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